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Chef Gerry Klaskala  •  Chef Kevin Rathbun
Nancy Rollins  •  Mary Williams  •  Sally Hawn

Tom Abrams  •   Kelly & Justin Anthony
Tracie Arnold   •  Meg Arnold
Farshid & Kaley Arshid   •  Kasey Asarch
Lara Balser  •  Sheree Boyd
Harold Brody & Don Smith   •  Jeff Carrico
Jennifer Curtin  •  Kelly Dennis
Barbarella Diaz  •  Sally Dorsey & Herb Miller
Johanna Ellis  •  Adrienne Everett
Lisa Jackson  •  Stewart Little
Matthew Berman  •  Brian Miller
Elizabeth Moore  •  Molly Osborne
Morgan Rollins  •   Rob McDonald
Ruthie Rollins  •  Jack Sawyer
Jonathan Shapero  •  Sandy Stewart
William Jameson  •  Erick Weiss
Nancy Williams  •  Sarah Brook Williams
Scott Strumlauf  •  Todd Tautfest  •  Brock Tekin

Executive Chef, $50,000

Chef de Cuisine, $25,000

Ruth Magness Rollins

Sous Chef, $15,000

Molly Osborne

Saucier, $10,000

Elaine and John Carlos

Kathy Scott

The Klump Family Foundation

Patissier, $5,000

Atlanta Falcons Youth/Georgia Food Oasis

Hal Brody & Don Smith

Helen and Jimmy Carlos

Lisa and Rick Jackson

Nancy Rollins

Nicole and Chris Carlos

Jennifer and Erik Weiss

Sally and Mark Hawn

Cautela - Solutions

Oxford Properties

RAM Partners, LLC

Potager, $2,500

Anne and Louis Grabowski

Becky and Vic Pentz

Chip Johnson

Christine and Kevin O’Neill

Cindy and Bart McLean

Dennis White

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leebern

Esther Dabney

Suzanne E. Mott Dansby

Gary and Yvette Coursey

Helen A. Carlos and Ron Hilliard

Lara and Michael Balser

Michael Litman

Nancy and John Williams

Pamela and Sam Chawkin


Sekhar and Sudevi Ghosh

Stewart and Tad Little

StoneyPeak Foundation

Susan and Bryan Woods

Sieglinde and John Gillfillan

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